Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hurricane Got You Down? No Worries. I Made A Playlist.

By now people who don't have to be in any of the powerless areas have fled gotten out. I'm still hearing and reading a lot about downtown and Murray Hill, and none of it is particularly good. (Looting? Really?) One friend of mine called his block, 8th Street and Third Avenue, "The Ninth Ward."

If you're holed up and powerless, and no one has offered to take you in, (punks!) entertain yourself with this Hurricane playlist I put together. It's been ages since I've put together any sort of a mix tape for anyone, so indulge me in this Clinton-era exercise.

If you like guitars (and I know you do), be sure to check out the Brian Setzer's version of "Malaguena." It is a far cry from "Zoot Suit Riot", which he is best known for. I'm also a big fan of Tito Puente's version of "Take 5." I know, I know, I also laugh on the inside when someone says they like jazz and then immediately mention "Take 5." We're all a little bit music snob. But Tito's version is great. And if you don't like Tito Puente, then you officially have no soul.

P.S. I bet you didn't know that Henry Mancini wrote the theme song for "What's Happening!!" Now you do.