Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This City Mouse Is Now A Country Mouse

At least until Murray Hill has power again. Conditions on the 21st floor became downright Third World without power or plumbing. I made one last romp down and up the stairs to drop trash in the basement since the trash chute was bolted shut. The super didn't want the compactor to get backed up since there was no electricity. Then I packed up my laptop and defected to Easton, Pennsylvania.

A few observations:

McDonald's tastes so much better in the suburbs.

Whatever stress hormone kept me moving and grooving up and down all those flights of stairs officially ran out the minute I got out to the countryside.

The greatest feeling in the world is a shower after two days of pioneer living in a highrise. I now smell like flowers and rainbows. And it is right.

I also have Val, the sweetest little stray I ever took in, even if he did give everyone in sight ringworm.