Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Most Popular Post On This Blog Is About Having A Moth In My Ear

This blog has been running since 2005, when it was a way for me show off photos from all the weddings and bridal showers that I was going to at the time. Over the years it has covered me being a single gal, loafing around in Connecticut, having a baby, working in real estate and now as a freelance writer with a toddler in pre-school all day. I have pretty much covered the gammett of female lifestyle topics.

Yet, the most popular post on this blog is from June 2006, when a moth randomly flew into my ear in an East Village internet cafe and I had to go to the emergency room at Beth Israel to get it out.

At least once a month or so I will get an e-mail from someone telling me that the exact same thing happened to them, and how unplesant it was, even though most people deal with it right away. You can't ignore it!

You can read the post here:
There Was A Moth. In My Ear.