Monday, October 27, 2008

How Not To Call A Broker

On Saturday afternoon my phone rang. It was a number with a 908 area code. Hmmm...Jersey.

The guy on the other end was responding to an ad that I have on Craigslist for a penthouse apartment on 92nd Street and Park for $5850 a month. In addition to be a gut renovated two bedroom, the apartment has a 600 square foot wrap around terrace that can easily hold 50 people. It faces south. It's an amazing place.

"Hey! Can you show that to me right now?" He shouted into the phone.

It was about 4:00 p.m. "I'm sorry," I said. "But I'm busy right now. Do you want to make an appointment?"

The guy was flustered. "But I need to see it today. My girlfriend and I want to move, and today is our day to look."

I considered this. "Well, I could show it to you at 6:00 p.m., but because it's on the top floor, it's best seen in the day light. (It was pouring rain on Saturday.) How about at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon?"

He wasn't sold. He began to stammer. Perhaps he had been a spoiled child and didn't like to hear the word "no"?. "I-I don't know what our schedule will be tomorrow. Can you just call me when you're near it?"

"As a broker, my schedule on the on the weekends is very tight," I said. This is true. "You'll have to make an appointment to see it. I can't just chase up there at the drop of a hat."

"OK," He said. "Maybe I'll call you tomorrow."

I hung up. I have two theories as to who this guy was, because I highly doubt he was a serious client. People who really need an apartment will make an appointment to see something they like, sometimes even a week in advance.

1. This guy was another broker, albeit not a very bright one, and was trying to find out the address of the apartment, perhaps for one of his clients.

2. He was some kid from the suburbs who wanted to spend his Saturday afternoon fantasizing about living large in a top floor penthouse. Also, he had little respect for people's time, considering that he wanted me to drop what I was doing and accommodate him.

Either way, he never called me again. The place is still available!