Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cabbies Return Lost Items! Specifically Mine!

Yellow Cab in motion, originally uploaded by Hughes500.

Yesterday afternoon I left a bag of papers and books in the back of a cab. Since I was with clients, I had the receipt, and a few hours after realizing that I didn't have the bag anymore I began the multi-step process of filing assorted lost item complaints through 311 and the Taxi and Limosine Commission.

This morning my phone rang and on the other end was the cabbie who had my bag! He said he picked up three other passengers before he found it in the back. He said that once he was in the Chelsea area, he would drop it off at my job.

Sure enough, two hours later, I got my bag back.

Some people told me I would never see it again, but this only goes to show that cabies are good people. Moral of the story -- always get the receipt!