Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacations and The French

Hi everyone!

I'm back and I'm from Old Greenwich! I'm here all week while The Office is renovated. But this is no vacation. I am very busy during the day, doing what I do. Honk if you'd like to have dinner, though.

So, how about a link and a small rant?

A few days ago I was excited to see this essay in the New York Times magazine about why Americans take so little vacation. I realized, as the piece went on, that it wasn't an exploration of a trend as much as just an lame excuse to bash the French.

There are few things in life I find as annoying as Americans making fun of the French. Yes, it's funny when Monty Python does it, but when Americans do it sounds amteurish and ignorant. Honestly, how have French people wronged your typical square-state American so badly that they have become the catch-all punchline for everything?

I am willing to bet that most people who rag on France:

1. Do not have a valid passport.
2. Therefore, have never traveled outside of the U.S.
3. Have never been to France.
4. Could not locate France on a map. (Much less most of the states in the continental U.S.)
5. Could not tell you who the current president of France is.

If you can answer the above questions, feel free to diss the French. If you can't, then get back in line for Epcot.

And now, back to my Bordeaux...