Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post-Flooding Clean-Up

Brown Eyed Susans

When I walked into my apartment on Wednesday night and saw that water had gotten into it when a pipe burst in my building that morning, I had no idea how bad it really was. As luck would have it, my dad was in the area on Saturday, and so he came over to help me mop the place up. It was a job only a father would do for his daughter.

When I saw the place on Wednesday, I never bothered to look into the bathroom because it was late, I was tired and I realized I couldn't sleep there. Good thing I didn't. By Saturday the whole place smelled like an old swamp and the bathtub looked like this:
This Was What My Tub Looked Like

It gets better. I was talking with my neighbor, Kevin, who was in the building when the storm pipe exploded. Apparently my building didn't have stop valves on the pipes, and so when it burst Kevin said it was like old faithful coming out of the bathtub, toilets and sinks. Here is my wastebasket, with six inches of rank water in it:
Yes, That's About Six Inches of Water in My Wastebasket

At times like this, all you can do is roll up your sleeves, buy fifty dollars worth of cleaning supplies and just get to work. It took two hours for my dad and I to clean the bathroom and two and half more to get through the front hall, kitchen and main room. I had to throw out five pairs of shoes, five shirts and skirts, a computer bag (thankfully computer was not in it) not to mention piles of papers and assorted household sundries. I also need new bathroom goodies such as a shower curtain, wastebasket and bathmat.

My floors are also completely buckled now.

On the bright side, at least my home smells Pine Sol fresh!

Here is Pop, sweeping up crud as only a father can.
Pop Mops My Apartment

A sweaty me, four hours into the cleaning. Note plethora of cleaning products over my right shoulder.
Moi, Four Hours Into Cleaning

Pop, again, telling me to cut the photo crap and get back to work.
I Don't Think He's Pleased With Me

Eventually we got the place up to regulation cleanliness and headed out to Old Greenwich to crash at Doug's. Here we are, Paul and Pauline, at the Beach House on Sound Beach Avenue, enjoying a post-amonia meal.

On Sunday we went for a walk around Old Greenwich.

They say that women tend to date men like their fathers, but this is a little ridiculous.
Men With Hats

Yet another old house gets torn down in OG to put some new McMansion in its place.
Old Home, Demolition

Quaint Street Sign
Quaint Road Sign

View From the Shore
The Shot From the Shore

With Zoom Lens
With Zoom Lens

Big, Old Turtle in Binney Park

Small Turtles, Sunbathing
Turtles Sunbathing

One last shot of Paul and Pauline
Pauline and Paul (Pop!)