Friday, August 10, 2007

I Am Starting to Miss New York

Union Square, New York City, originally uploaded by sabatoa.

I have been out here in Greenwich all week and as lovely as it is to have peace and quiet in order to get work done, I miss New York.

Even though I pay for a little place in Gramercy, in light of the recent unpleasantness with the flooding, etc., I can't stay in my apartment. Sure, Pop and I are going to mop it all up tomorrow, but there has been a development. No one is sure whether it was a storm drain or a sewage pipe that burst in the basement level of my building, and now both my parents think that a health inspector should come in and take a look before I start sleeping there again.

I was there on Wednesday night, and it didn't smell. The sludge on the floor was gray and grainy, which leads me to believe it was a storm drain.

Still, I wish I was in New York this weekend, whooping it up as I do.

Le sigh.