Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No! Not the North Fork!

Jon on the Mattituck Beach

I have loved the North fork of the Hamptons, and more specifically, Mattituck, since my friend Jon took me out to his family's country house back in 2002. I love the North Fork so much it is the location of the La Pauline Dirty 30 Birthday Weekend in June. Invites will arrives in select mailboxes shortly.

You can imagine my horror, then, when I saw the travel piece in New York magazine about how kid-friendly the North Fork is. While that is true, I always liked to think that the Noth Fork was one of the few semi-pure beachfront areas that have amazing wineries and where you can ride a bike on rural roads and not fear getting hit by a car. Bah.

And now...I have a summer of Upper East Side yuppies to look forward to, who think they are getting off the beaten path from Bridgehampton.

Thanks New York.

And goodbye, old friend...
Mattituck Sunset