Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things That Are Deal Breakers

Schlock., originally uploaded by *nathan.

Last night I was talking with a friend who lives in D.C. She had just broken it off with a guy she had been dating for about a month. This guy was very tall and handsome, and for the most part was a functioning member of society. Sure, he had a slight flatulence problem, but what guy doesn't?

My friend called Game Over one night when they were coming home from a movie. They had just seen Zodiac. As she and the boyfriend were pulling off the exit ramp, the guy pulled the car over to try to pick up a hitch hiker. Even better, the stranger was on my friend's side of the car. When the boyfriend rolled down the window, the stranger asked for some cash, which the boyfriend said he didn't have. Then they drove away.

On the way home my friend ripped the boyfriend a new one, saying that no one in their right mind would ever stop to pick up a hitch hiker, and certainly not after they had just seen Zodiac. Also, the hitch hiker was on my friend's side of the car, and what kind of a guy would put a woman in danger like that?

The boyfriend tried to defend himself by saying that back in Alabama, where he is from, people always help out others like that. Perhaps the Alabama part is all we need to know about this guy. (That, and the flatulence problem.)

I love dealbreaker stories. If you have one, please feel free to let me know.