Monday, March 12, 2007

Kickin' it in Greenwich

Greenwich Point Park, originally uploaded by Morton Fox.

While Le Doug is business tripping I'll be out here in Old Greenwich through Thursday. Under normal circumstances I woud loathe so much time out in the 'burbs, but today I realized that if I'm going to 'burb it for a few days, I'm going full-throttle. For the next few days I will be La Pauline, Greenwich Housewife. I'll be feeding the cats, cleaning the house and going to the gym ad nauseum. Maybe I'll even have lunch on the Avenue a few times.

I already achieved some goals. I went for my first outdoor run of the 2007 season, which means readers can expect periodic diatribes about how poorly everyone in Greenwich drives and how no one is looking out for joggers and pedestrians. I also returned all the bottles and cans that were lying around the house and garage and made $7.95, which I put towards groceries. At the Food Emporium I only bought things on sale and, thanks to my savings card and the returned bottles, I got $34 worth of groceries for $19.98. Isn't being a pseudo-housewife fun?

Maybe not fun, but there are a million ways to exert my creativity. Tomorrow I will tackle the bathrooms and vacuum a few rooms. If I'm feeling bold, I may even wash some towels.

If you're in the area, ring my bell. I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands.

Here is this past week's column on The Simon about a New Yorker's fear of moving.