Sunday, May 04, 2014

This Is How We Derby

I am always amazed by how seriously New Yorkers take events that have nothing to do with living in the City. Case in point: The Kentucky Derby. It has no link to Gotham, and yet everyone throws a party for it.

I ended up buying tickets to the Union League Club's party, and when I realized I had an extra, my friend Megan said she would come with me. Megan went to Columbia with me and the last time she and I were in the same physical space was at graduation in May of 2002. We have both been in Manhattan the whole time since then. Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, we have stayed up on each others' lives. We pretty much picked up right where we left off in 2002, which was under the tents outside the Journalism School, champagne in hand.

I can't lie, I loved my whole get up for the Derby party. It's not often that I get to wear a large hat.

Here we are in 2002. Haven't aged a day. (And I'm still wearing hot pink.)

Carey, a friend that I've known since high school, also came along. This is a portrait of a great evening.

Sunday Funday was actually spent doing edits on my book project, at the library on 42nd Street. On the way home I passed by Lord & Taylor and was surprised by their windows for Mother's Day.

I'm no bang the drum feminist, but selling dresses for Mother's Day next to piles of dishes is a little unevolved. (Womp, womp.) Same as the dresses next to the cake stands. Speaking as someone who actually is someone's mom, anything domestic arts-related is not considered a gift. You know what would be a great gift? A decent bottle of Bordeaux. Actually, make it a case.