Saturday, April 12, 2014

Running, The Smith And Daniel Radcliffe

It's important to have friends in low places. While enjoying the gorgeous weather on Friday, the phone buzzed thanks to an email from a friend who works for a Broadway producer. Was I busy that night? Would I like to go to the invited dress rehearsal for the new play that Daniel Radcliffe is in?

It's not often that I get invited to dress rehearsals for major productions and even if I was busy, plans would be canceled. So yes, I went. The Cripple of Inishmaan is a wonderful, funny play. Radcliffe plays the cripple, which is quite a feat to watch since he can only use one hand and one leg, and he gets into some pretty physical stuff.

Saturday, of course, means running with the ladies. I have been waiting months for a run like today's. It was a fast four miles, since no one felt like dealing with the Harlem Hills, and in gorgeous sunshine.

We always take a photo before each run, in case someone gets lost and we have to send out a search party.

And then we bon vivant it up at brunch, because we are all accounted for. This week we hit The Smith over in Lincoln Center.

On the way home from all this merriment, I had an age-old question answered for me: Where's Waldo? He is, apparently, waiting for someone by the clock in Grand Central.