Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Funday Cooking: Whatever's Lying Around The House

So. Pancakes. It's a Sunday brunch staple, but I've never been the biggest fan of them. This past week, though, I was gifted a bag of whole wheat pancake mix from a fancy place here in Manhattan. They even used an old-timey font on the package!

I whipped them up this morning and two pancakes in I could tell it was total dreck. It seemed wasteful to toss all that batter, so I threw in some raisins and feta (because feta makes everything betta) and did what I always do with extra ingredients: I muffin-ized them.

Maybe I should have put the raisins and feta in first, but I like these little guys a lot better.

Later that same day I made more breakfast quiches, because they really made my life easier last week.

If anyone has insights -- Freudian, Jungian and otherwise -- as to why I seem to like making food the shape of flying saucers, I am all ears.

This strange pile of yellow and green is what happens when I have too many mangoes and cucumbers in the house. Most Pinterest recipes make mango cucumber salads with cilantro, but I only had scallions and they're practically the same thing, right?

I riffed off of this recipe, only squeezing fresh lime juice over the mix of cucumber, mango, scallion, feta and raisins. I also only had yellow rice and was not about to run out in the rain for white rice, simply for aesthestic purposes.

Over all, it's great right out of the bowl, but even better after being refrigerated for a few hours. The lime really pops.