Thursday, March 27, 2014

Help The St. Mark's Bookshop!

I'm always a little tardy to the party when it comes to these things, but today during my lunch hour I realized that the Saint Mark's Bookshop is closing, and they need funds to re-open elsewhere in the East Village.

At the risk of sounding like an old crank who's been in this town for 15 years, I really don't want to see this store go. It's always been the place to find obscure foreign magazines and literary fiction, for when I want to get my nerd on. I realize it's in an ultra-prime location, but not everything in this town needs to be a Pinkberry or yet another bank.

They are crowd funding to raise $50,000 so they can get into their new digs deeper in the East Village. This is such a worthy cause. They have 30 days left to go. (And still a decent amount of books on the shelves, so go buy one.)

St. Mark's Bookshop On The Move