Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Winter Uniform

I wear some variation of this outfit everyday: leggings, tank top, sweater of some kind, and the giant red boots. The boots were an impulse buy a few weeks ago, and at the time seemed indulgent. Who wears red boots? But they are made by Clarks, the company that makes otherwise quite boring shoes, and they are absolutely waterproof. I have been tromping over snow banks and through slush puddles for weeks, completely dry.

This afternoon I was coming out of dance class, when this photo was taken, and I noticed that not only was it not snowing, for once, but that I didn't need my hat and gloves. My jacket was open. There was sunshine. This winter has really been a downer for us New Yorkers. Everyone I talk to feels put upon by Mother Nature. Suburban friends are frustrated by all the snow days from school. But...if the balmy, 40-something degree weather is any indication, perhaps there are seeds of change.