Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Creating Versus Consuming Ratio

Today I have to line edit a lot of nonsense. Granted it's all nonsense that I wrote, but still, it's a loathsome task that needs to get done, particularly if I want this next book project to see the light of day. (Oh, and I do.)

This video from Marie TV talks about how to balance creating your work with consuming all the fantastic, inspirational stuff out there.

I've never been a fan of reading books about writing. There is only one way to get better at writing, pitching, etc., and that is to do it and then kvetch to others who are at your level or above. But, books about creativity and being centered and all that jazz suck me in all the time. Because creative work has an amazing ability to make you a little loco.

Luckily, there are people like Marie Forleo who seem to read my mind and create videos like this at the exact moment that I need them.

Now. Back to noun/verb agreement.