Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Blog To Check Out: The Food Babe

Knowing what's in our food is a hot topic these days, with factory food being the pariah of all things edible. This week on Marie TV, she has a guest named Vani Hari who runs the blog Food Babe, which explores what's really in our food and how we can eat better.

This particular video talks about foods we think are healthy, but actually aren't. It's fascinating. It's a long video but worth the watch.

I also like the point that Marie makes, that people, such as Vani or even myself, can be multi-passionate, and that's OK. Vani loved being a management consultant and she also was fascinated by food. It's important to realize that just because you like one thing, say weddings, you can also like other things, like real estate or New York history. The idea that you can only pursue one area of interest is crazy. It's an important take away.