Friday, May 03, 2013

Let's Talk Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gift

In every wedding guestbook, I always write the same thing. "Dear [groom's name], When in doubt, buy her jewelry." People laugh when they see it, but I consider it a public service announcement. When it comes to the ladies in your life, there's no need to give gift-giving much thought. If it blings, it wins. Keep it simple.

Over the next week or so the internets are going to offer you lots of ideas for Mother's Day gifts: books, tote bags, pajamas, bedding, even appliances. The choices are plentiful, but ultimately unnecessary. Moms are women, and women like shiny things. It is one of the few absolutes in life. Jewelry always fits and there is both a sentimental and material value to it. You cannot go wrong.

Below are some suggestions that won't break the bank. And even if they do, what of it? This woman gave you life.

Yellow Gold Love Necklace
Arrow Necklace With Full Shadow Skin Inlay

Navy Long Briolette Drop Earrings
Crystal Gem Earrings

Fuchsia Flower Earrings
Multi Charm Illusion Necklace