Monday, August 06, 2012

A Few From The Weekend

Under the Manhattan Bridge

It was 1,000 degrees in Manhattan this weekend, but I left the house nonethless.
Saturday: A kid's birthday party at the Beekman Beer Garden. This place is amazing. Even though you have to walk through that wreteched mall at Pier 17 to get to it, it has great beer and an expansive menu. Pulled pork! Fish tacos! Beekman Beer Garden
It's a good place to take out of town guests, especially with the amazing backdrop of the waterfront.

What is this mythical place you call...Brooklyn? Untitled

Later that same day some old friends from Syracuse washed up on shore, and we headed to STK in the Meatpacking. On a Saturday night. Because we are masochists. The food was outstanding, though, especially the side of truffle mac and cheese bites. Make sure you get a table on the roof.

This is what one wears out to have steaks on a Saturday night. The necklace: Baccarat. The dress: Filene's Basement (RIP), the clutch, H&M circa 2008. The outfit

With Jen and Kristen. I've known Jen since we were 17 and we tried out to be cheerleaders at Syracuse while we were still in high school. We did not make it. At 5'6 each, we were way too tall. Then she ended up being randomly placed on my floor freshman year. Kismet!