Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few From The Weekend

A truly great sports bra for the DD set. At Lululemon. $58.

What a great weekend. Gorgeous weather and lots to do.

First things first: I needed a new jogger bra for that half marathon that I ran on Sunday. I ventured for the first time ever into Lululemon in Union Square and picked up the Ta Ta Tamer (it's really called that) for $58. To test it, they make you jump on a trampoline. Utter genius.

Since a good jog bra is very hard to find, consider this a PSA -- and a ringing endorsement -- for the Ta Ta Tamer. Worth every penny.
To test a sports bra's worthiness, you jump on a trampoline.

These two were inseparable, as is their way on the weekends. I might as well not exist when they are up to their shenanigans.
Tom and Andre

I got a shrimp burrito from Paty's Taco. And it was right.
A shrimp burrito from Paty's Tacos = heaven

A nice sentiment.
A nice sentiment

Erin Duffy, author of Bond Girl, came to Sunday Funday book club. I was still very sore from running 13.1 miles just hours earlier, but she was hysterical.