Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When Am I Going Back To Work? Who Said I Ever Left?

I barely had Andre a month ago and people are already asking when I'm headed back to work. Truth is, I feel like I never left, since I've been fielding phone calls and e-mails since back in June. In fact, while I was in Labor & Delivery and waiting for the Pitocin to kick in, I got emails from several people, including a past client who just wanted to tell me how much she loved the apartment I found for her.

Today I dropped off keys for an exclusive that I have down on Sullivan Street that I need to rent by August 1. That said, if you or someone you know needs a one bedroom on Sullivan and Bleeker, let me know. It's $2795 and no fee. It's perfect for a young professional or a student. Elevator and laundry in the building. Great closets.

The bottom line is that it's summer, and it kills me to be out of the game. I do, however, realize that I have a kid, so I'm most likely limited to taking clients out on weekends. Serious clients, of course. No one who just wants to look to see what's out there. Sales clients are ideal, but summer is the season of rentals, and I can rock a rental like it's no one's business.

Unrelated: Apparently if I'd named my boy Ivan, like I initially wanted to, he would have become a common criminal. Boo.