Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Liz And Jared's Wedding!

The Happy Couple!

You know it's business as usual on Planet Pauline when I'm busting out the hot rollers and cocktail dresses to go to a wedding. Last night Liz and Jared were wed, and it was one of the best weddings I've been to in a long time. Also, we left Andre with La Madre in Manhattan, so TR and I could tear it up sans baby. Full set here.

Who let this guy out of Savile Row?
Who let this guy out of Savile Row?

In the cab to Grand Central. Off we go to Whitby Castle! And the open bar!
In the cab -- off we go!

The Metro North was an abysmal experience, as usual. Right outside Mamaroneck the train had some "electrical problems" and I was only slightly surprised the whole thing didn't burst into flames. The good news: They reupholstered many of the seats.

I've known Liz since the sixth grade. I think I told her about one hundred times how wonderful she looked. Best. Bride. Ever.
Gorgeous! Love the dress, hair, everything

Liz and I caught up in the ladies' lounge before the reception.
Caught up with the lovely bride in the ladies' lounge

Amazing band.
Amazing Band

Everyone loves wedding cake!
Wedding Cake

Hello, champagne. It's been a while, old friend. I don't know what kind was in the champagne toast, but it was eye-poppingly good.

With Lauren and Meg. Old skool friends from Norwalk.
Lauren, Meg et moi

Lauren et Meg. No one ages on Planet Pauline
Meg and Lauren

Lauren et moi. There simply wasn't enough time hear all her stories about her nine month jaunt crossing the African continent. Kenya to South Africa. (Lions and elephants and wildebeasts!) Those highlights, by the way, are courtesy of the sub-Saharan sun, not a bottle.
Lauren and I

TR et moi et les fleurs
TR et moi

End of the night -- still lookin' sharp.
Heading back to NYC