Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pregnant Glow: It Comes From A Bottle

, originally uploaded by La Pauline.

Lately people have been telling me that I've got a glow about me, and that overall, I look pretty darn good for eight months pregnant. While I love a compliment as much as anyone else, I have to admit that it's not all that difficult to look like a functioning human being when you're pregnant.

I walk around Manhattan all the time, and often I see pregnant women who look as if they've been hit by a bus. They're shuffling down Third Avenue in some sort of velour track suit concoction, hair a mess and an iced coffee in their hand. It's not quite summer, and yet they're wearing flip flops. Blergh!

The key to looking good while pregnant is to have a solid relationship with the shower. It rouses you from sleep on those days when you just want to stay in bed, and it makes you one step closer to feeling human, when there's one growing inside you. It sounds elementary, but clean hair and five minutes with some make up can make you forget about your 40 pound weight gain. Yeah, maybe it is all baby and amnio fluid, but numbers don't lie and no woman wants to weigh as much as a lean man. Cosmetics offer some nice smoke and mirrors.

I only say this because in New York City, where vanity rules, I see so many women letting themselves go, all in the name of Motherhood. I disagree with that. Just last week I got my haircut, my eyebrows waxed as well as a bikini wax. (The goods are going to be on display in about a month! Gotta look sharp!) Two weeks ago I had my way at the Estee Lauder counter. Motherhood's a beautiful thing, and a little eye shadow can make it even more so.

Let's look alive, MmmmmKay?