Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Greek Parade!

How have I lived in Manhattan for 10 years and I've never seen the Greek Parade? I'm the biggest fan of ethnically-themed parades -- Israeli Day, Puerto Rican Day, you know it, I'm there, and not just for the food. As if I needed another reason to want a Fifth Avenue apartment -- think of the view I would for all the festivities! The Greeks put on a quality parade. It was also a nice exercise is shooting moving objects -- with a camera -- which I don't often get to do.

The biggest surprise was when I stumbled across the parade and after about 10 minutes a float from the Pontian Society of Norwalk, CT came by. I'm from Norwalk so it was a bizarre source of pride. Go Norwalk!

Their float was a giant fishing boat -- with a million people on it. All cousins?

The little girl in the middle has had enough of the this Greek stuff.

Some Greek goddesses were on hand, naturally.

The costumes were the best part.

The commentary on the PA systems was all in Greek. I love how it was assumed that if you were there you spoke Greek. Awesome.