Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Warm Day In Central Park!

Look who decided to get out of the house! Since it was actually warm out, and since I didn't have to take any clients out, TR and I hit Central Park. (Full set here.) Right after I did an open house for this apartment. Could someone please just buy it? It's a very good deal. I would like to get my Sunday afternoons back...

Heading into the park. I loved how these pigeons were hanging out in front of The Plaza.

It's the duck pond! Filled with mallard ducks! I love ducks. I took a lot of photos of them.

These are mostly male mallards

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. Did you know that mallards mate for life? It's true.

A good-looking duck

A saxophonist in Central Park is 100% appropriate. He reminded me of Bleeding Gums Murphy.
It's Bleeding Gums Murphy!

Here is TR, in shorts (...le sigh...), wondering why his memory card had so little room on it. Perhaps it was all the still lifes he took of those avocados.

A romantical shot of the Mall by the Clamshell

We stumbled across the Central Park Zoo, and, always the animal lover, I wanted to go in. Apparently the zoo only takes cash for admission, and this annoyed me. I never trust an all-cash business!

Me and a sun-bathing sea lion.

It's not easy being a sea lion.
It's not easy being a sea lion

Our first stop was the penguin house. It was much cooler than I expected. They have a lot of penguins! And, those buggers are fast swimmers! I am starting to understand why people are obsessed with penguins. They're all kinds of awesome.

Penguin underwater. TR took this very lucky shot. The lighting sucks in the penguin house.

Penguins hanging out

The snow monkeys are another fun attraction. There are also a bunch of them, even a little baby, and they aren't afraid of humans.

The polar bears were outside but asleep, and the red panda was curled up in an evergreen tree, also napping. In the rain forest exhibit the two-toed sloth was hiding, but the lemurs were in all their screaming glory. (There's a reason they're behind glass, I'm sure.) There is no shortage of pretty birds in the rain forest exhibit, and I'm kind of surprised no one got beaned in the head with one.

These gorgeous guys were everywhere
These birds were all over the place

End of the afternoon. Whenever I see pics like this I am convinced our kid is going to have a very large head. All the more room for his big, genius brain! (Which comes from my side, of course.)
Our kid is sure to have a large head