Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes, Virginia, I Do Have A baby Bump

No one at the Junior League party on Friday could believe that I was almost five months pregnant, since the outfit I had on gave little away. I do have quite the bump, but I don't always like to dress to show it off. Most days I have to be professional, and so the bump gets covered under structured clothes, sweaters, etc.

Yesterday I went into work wearing pretty much just a large, clingy sweater, black tights and knee-high boots. The Gays at work had a field day making fun of my outfit, especially since it looked like I had left the house without pants. What? A gal can't try new things?

I just like this photo.

Oh, and newly-engaged Allison was in town this weekend!
Newly-engaged Allison et Moi!

We all had drinks last night in honor of Allison's arrival. One of the ladies who came out was an OB/GYN who's our age, 30. She was sweet and soft spoken, and she had some interesting insights.

1. Women should not delay fertility. I know this sounds really obvious, but here in New York it can easily get put on the back burner. She understands the whole career/achievement thing, after all she's a doctor. But putting it off can only cause issues down the round. As she put it, "When women in New York decide they want to be pregnant, most of them want it to happen right away, if not yesterday, and it's not always that simple."

2. Once you're pregnant it's not as complicated and planning intensive as the books/web sites make it out to be. And she agreed that caffeine is perfectly fine. She was generally amused by the things patients asked her about, like when they bring in a body lotion and ask if it's safe to use. As long as something isn't fortified with, say, Radium, it's generally okay to slather away.