Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Junior League Pre-Winter Ball Party!

Last night was the first Junior League party of 2009, and it was good times all around. It was very well attended and when I left at 11:15 the dance floor was packed. The ladies and I started the evening with drinks at The Carlyle Hotel, and then we moseyed over to the The League. I like the Carlyle. It's very olde New York, complete with piano player. I had one Coke and my way with the peanuts.

Katie, Julie and Anne. All attractive people.

Louisa and I. Her dress was awesome and had pockets! 90% of the fun of going to any Junior League party is checking out what everyone's wearing.

Almost five months pregnant and still lookin' sharp. The key to not looking like the pregnant lady at the party is picking clothes that are structured. It took a lot to find this outfit, but it's a winner If you take my clothes off I do, in fact, have quite the bump, but it's not the look I was going for last night.

Full length of the outfit, at the end of the night.
Full length outfit

One of my awesome provisional leaders, Cassie.


One of my fave photos of the night. I didn't do much dancing, but definitely had my way with a tray of mini cupcakes.