Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Early 2002 Photos

The little video about Bulgaria yesterday got me thinking about the summer of 2002. I'm not a very nostalgic person, but ever have those times in your life when everything was so random, after a while you step back and think, "How on earth did all that happen?"

In April 2002 I moved into a great apartment in Chinatown, on Bayard and Bowery. It was huge, and right after I moved in I threw a huge party.

In May 2002 I finished the Columbia School of Journalism, which was quite a feat considering I was working full time at the time.

In June 2002 I took off for a two-week singing tour of Bulgaria.

In July 2002, I spent the summer working as the food writer for the AP. It was a very random assignment, but led to one of my most productive writing periods ever. Also: I didn't have to work weekends, and no one ever questioned what I was up to.

Photos from Chinatown and Columbia below. These were all in taken in film, and with a disposable camera.

With Dave and Brian. Am I the only one who didn't notice at the time that I weighed all of three pounds?

In the ernormous kitchen at 50 Bayard Street with Cara

With Godfrey. I have no idea what's on his head.

A happy grad at Columbia. It was the nicest day ever. Perfect weather.

A sea of excellence!

La madre et moi

End of the afternoon, buzzed on the champagne at the reception.
Buzzed on Champagne