Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bulgaria vs. Europe

Back in 2002 I did a little singing tour of Bulgaria. This is La Pauline 101. Photos will be up tomorrow from The Archives. This afternoon the above video popped up in my Recommended section in YouTube. The internets, you know me well.

Bulgaria is an amazing country that not a lot of Americans visit. True, there is the resort town of Varna, on the Black Sea, but when I was there were toured inland: Sofia, Plovdiv, (we were huge in Plovdiv!) as well as Veliko Turnovo.

It was the trip of a lifetime but I also noticed that not everything about Bulgaria was quite right, even by European standards. I could start with the Turkish toilets, which were everywhere. Often you had to pay 20 stotinki for three sheets of toilet paper. (Soviet, much?)

The video above is in Bulgarian, but you don't need to know the language to appreciate the humor.

Later this week: A flashback to the summer of 2002!