Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thoughts After A Quick Trip Over To Columbia

I just got back from a quick trip up to Columbia this afternoon. I was helping one of my colleagues hang up flyers for an apartment he's trying to rent.

I finished Columbia in 2002 and as I walked around in the rain this afternoon, I realized how much I missed the place. Sure, it's kind of in the hinterlands of the Upper West Side (not Harlem, kids) and it's a pretty self-contained environment. But it's neat to be around so many intelligent people, so much academia. And no, academia is not the real world, but if I had to be engrossed in it, Columbia is a great option.

A few things:

1. I am amazed at how tight security is now. When I went to Columbia I think the only time I used my student ID was to get into the Met for free. They wouldn't even let my colleague and I into Lerner Hall without one. Even when I asked a journalism student to let me into the journalism building, she quizzed me about what classes I would have taken second semester. Weirdo.

2. I couldn't get past the guards in Butler Library, but I did get an alumni ID, so I now have alumni borrowing privileges. Way-pah. If I start quoting Balzac and Plato, you'll know why.

3. I think that the bookstore has some nerve charging upwards of $40 for ski hats that say "Columbia" on them. Furthermore, they weren't even fully lined. Grrr. Do. Not. Want.

4. Several members of my family are getting Columbia -themed Christmas gifts. Enjoy!