Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Chugs Along

Holidays are for sleeping on the couch with your favorite pet. Here are TR and Valentino, enjoying an early evening nap.

Earlier today TR and I hit Wegman's and Target. For your typical suburbanite these trips are mundane, but for city slickers such as ourselves they were adventures in consumerism.

Me, in Wegman's, in awe of the size of the place.
Among wonderful Wegman's products

Wegman's has a section of "international foods" and so they included tea in the British section. No stereotypes there!
Let's put the tea in the British foods aisle. No stereotype there!

Last time I checked Tazo tea wasn't from England. Isn't it from Starbucks?
Lots of tea in the British food aisle.

We just don't have in-store displays like this in NYC
We don't have in-store packaging like this in NYC

Just seeing these made me feel 30% more Christmas-y.

After Wegman's we hit Target, where I actually got some gifts for some relatives and some goodies for myself. Target is the most fun you can have in discount shopping.

And if anyone's been looking for me, either over e-mail or phone, please know that since I'm out of town, I'm not answering much in the way of e-mail. Like my two beasts, Peppe and Valentino, I am enjoying a few long naps. I'll deal with you all in a few days.

And this? This is the piece of flourless chocolate cake that wouldn't leave me alone all afternoon. It's so good I could wear it.
This chocolate cake wouldn't leave me alone