Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Times At The Alliance Francaise

Frat party with wine

If you like wine and want to learn more about it, your first stop should be the Alliance Francaise. They have all sorts of wine events, and tonight there was a large party in honor of a new crop of Beaujolais. It was crowded and loud and felt a little bit like a frat party for wine. I waited in line for a long time for some cheese. But overall it was a very good time. Stay tuned for the monthly wine tastings in the winter. They're not for the casual bouveuse.

Charlie Rose was a guest of honor (?!?!) and was inducted into some ancient Order of Beaujolais. I kid you not.
Charlie Rose At FIAF

I have to offer a grande j'excuse to the ladies at the Trois Petits Couchons table. I know I loitered a lot, but only because the pate was so good! (And again, it was nearly impossible to get to the cheese table.) I am totally ordering some for Thanksgiving.

Also: The big winner in wine tonight was Laboure-Roi, who had a light, but still peppery Beaujolais that I couldn't get enough of. It got to a point where the winery owner knew my name, and gave me a card so I could order a case or so for the house. Methinks he was trying to distract me from emptying the small supply they'd brought to the party.