Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Millards! In Central Park!


On Sunday many members of my family came to New York to fete my nephew Mini Frank's third birthday. I take a million shots whenever we get together, and they probably wonder what I do with all them. Two words: Christmas gifts. You've been warned.

The photo above was taken by writer Anna David, who happened to be sitting a few feet away from us. Manhattan is such a small town!

La Madre and Frankie: Two peas in a pod

La Madre, Andrew, Rob, moi and TR

Mini Frank, vamping in the sandbox.

This little girl was Grace and she was drawn to Seamus, my cousin's French Bull Dog puppy. Methinks she was under the unwatchful eye of her papa, since she was running around the playground with no shoes on, hair uncombed and free to intermix with strangers, at the age of three. But she was cute!


La Madre thanks Milton for her new laptop. We don't expect her to ever leave the house again.

Andrew explains the Internet to La Madre

Bea and Seamus

Mini Frank opens birthday gifts.

Frank, Frankie an Seamus

Andrew, Mini Frank and Seamus

TR, Frankie et moi

TR et moi, at Belvedere Castle

Rob and Mini Frank

Jayne and Frankie, well lit.

La Madre dissuades Mini Frank from throwing rocks.

Mini Frank with pine cones and stones

Blowing out birthday candles

Seamus calls it a day.