Friday, February 29, 2008

Wedding Dress Sale At Filene's!!

At lunch today I wandered into Filene's to buy some running pants and I was greeted by a sea of wedding dresses. Apparently it was Filene's annual wedding dress sale, and the pickings were bizarre.

For starters, most of the dresses were inexpensive, about $250 or so. That's reason enough to run around the middle of the store in your knickers, as most women were doing. Right next to the men's department, I might add. The problem with the dresses at Filene's, though, is that some of them seemed a little dirty and tattered. Some were missing buttons and clasps. Others were strange colors, like blue.

I'm fascinated by the process of choosing a wedding dress. I've had friends who paid a pretty penny to have them custom made while others got them from Mom and Pop shops in Connecticut. Still others stumbled upon them at sample sales. One friend bought hers at age 24 for $70 in a thrift shop, but didn't get to use it until she was 28. It was gorgeous.

Oddly, no one ever seems to fit into their mothers' dresses from the 1970s. My mom bought her wedding dress, a cotton eyelet number, for $30 at A&S in Chicago in 1973.

Here are some of the dresses that were at Filene's:

It takes a certain kind of gal to get married in yellow. Not everyone looks good in it. The young woman who was buying this one was a blonde.

I love this bodice.
Cool detail

Pink is the new bride.

See? $250!
$250 for a wedding dress

I really hope this is a bridesmaid's dress. Some things are faux pas, even in modern weddings.
I really hope this is meant to be a bridesmaid dress