Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amazing Photos of Peppe

If you haven't seen these shots on Flickr or Facebook already, here is the story: This past weekend I was busy officiating a wedding, snow shoeing and basically being out and about. I didn't want to leave Peppe alone in a dark apartment for so long, so I sent him over to TR's apartment, which is high in the sky and drenched in sunlight. TR, an art guy, took these wonderful shots of Pep during his visit. Oddly, if Pep were any other color other than orange, I don't think these photos would work as well as they do.

Forget for a moment that these are photos of Peppe, who is awesome in his own right. Instead, try to appreciate these shots for their artistic qualities: the use of natural light, composition and color. TR nailed it each time.

These are a few of my favorites.

On the prowl
On The Prowl

Plotting his escape
Plotting His Escape

Bird watching
Watching birds