Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meet Peppe: The Italian Christmas Kitty!

On Friday night I had a very special delivery: a five-year-old orange Persian named Peppe. I found him one random afternoon about two weeks ago on That's also the site where I originally found Maestro and Mozart. If you're looking for a pet, it's a great place to look. They even have barnyard animals!

Some fun facts about Peppe:

1. He's originally from Italy and came to this country (with eight dollars in his pocket!) with his original owner. He even has a passport.

2. He's a proper Persian, but the shelter had to give him a lion's cut, in winter, because he got really matted being stuck in the cage.

3. He likes to follow me around the apartment. I think he has some attachment issues.

4. He's the most affectionate creature I have ever met. I recommend one of his love bites on your cheek.

In his carrier when he first arrived. He wasn't too jazzed about getting out.
In The Carrier Upon His Arrival

Peppe isn't so much as a cat as he is just a giant, orange face.

He's already plotting his escape.
Plotting His Escape

Hairless but happy.
Hairless But Happy