Monday, June 25, 2007

I Love Humidity!

Fried Twinkies: Always Wrong

D'oh! I avoided the blog for far too long. And I can't even say I've been all that busy. I went down to DC for Saturday and Sunday, and then I spent most of Sunday with Le Doug in Greenwich. I also missed my furballs, Maestro and Mozart.

Now I'm back in NYC and back to the grind. I spent my evening running in the East River Park. I love running in the summer. I love the good sweat that comes from running in humidity. I love the way my brain feels so clear afterwards. I like sitting under a cold shower, washing sheets of sweat off me. I love sleeping like a rock later that night, which is exactly what I plan to do tonight.

Here is my two latest column, since I know that you people like them so much:

'The Sun' of Baltimore Creates an Interactive Homicide Map.

Other than that, I'm mellow like yellow today. Sorry to disappoint.