Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Running Injury of the Month -- Plantar Fasciitis

wire shoes, originally uploaded by polyscene.

Most people pick hobbies that won't injure them. Me, I seem to like a little pain with my game. As if the herniacted disc wasn't enough, I have now added plantar fasciitis to my list of running-related ailments.

What's plantar fasciitis, you say? Basically it's an inflamation of the connective tissue between the heels and the toes. You know you have it when you feel a sharp pain in your heel which makes it very hard to walk. It's the worst in the morning. This morning I was literally hobbling. It's getting better, but I need to stay off it, at least for a day.

Rest is one thing, but this had better not interfere with a 10K I'm running on the 19th. Grrr.