Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Time for Change, Rearrange...

Scrap Boxes, originally uploaded by annamariahorner.

Last night I began another phase of organizing the Gramercy Bunker: Operation Throw Out Furniture. Getting rid of furniture in a studio is like playing one huge game of Tetris: you have to move the couch one way in order to get the dresser past the bed, etc.

Last night I cleaned out and tossed a dresser that I'd had since I moved in in 2003. It was given to me by another tennant, along with a table for my television. That table is being tossed as well. In a way I was sad, since I'd had these things for so long. Was I tossing out a former version of myself? Probably, but I have much nicer things coming. Quite frankly I'm also tired of the place looking like a glorified dorm room. Bring on the dumpsters.

Before you can toss out furniture, you have to take all the junk out of it. I never realized that I owned about 20 bottles of half-empty scented body lotions. I also had a lot of my grandmother's scarves. I kept those. I tossed out all the old clothes, because if I haven't worn it in the past year, I don't see a reason to keep it. In the end, the contents of an entire dresser were broken down to a large shoe box. Not too shabby.

Tonight I have to toss out my bed, which is lumpy anyway, to make room for the new one. Then there is one more dresser to shove out into the hallway. I don't care where it goes from there. Once everything is shiny and perfect in the Bunker, I will post photos. Right now, though, everything is topsy-turvy and not a good reflection of my character.

Household tip of the day: Did you know that you can toss silk/satin shoes in the washing machine? I found three pairs of awesome satin heels in the back of my closet, but they were dusty and gross. I put them in the machine with a little Dreft, the detergent you use for babies, and let 'er rip. The shoes are perfect now and drying in my bathtub. I think I'll show them a good time once the weather is a little warmer.