Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bruno Turns 35!!!!

Bruno et Moi

Bruno and I have been friends for many years, so when I was summoned to Chinatown for some festive karaoke, I couldn't say no. Not only was it Bruno's birthday, but we were at Winnie's on Bayard Street. As many of you know, I lived on Bayard Street back in 2002. It was my favorite neighborhood, ever.

First, some establishing shots:

Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns

I don't know what that says

Bruno ponders his karaoke selections
Bruno, the Birthday Boy

This guy freaked out on the mic during "Bohemian Rhapsody." It was actually kind of funny.
Taking Karaoke WAY Too Seriously

...and he's spent!
...and he's spent!

Eventually, I took the mic for the first of many songs. "Manic Monday" by the Bangles was my warm-up and a crowd pleaser. Recognize.
Rockin'  the Karaoke

The bar owner was a really friendly guy.
The Bar Owner et Moi

Party people.
Party People

Then my camera died. There were many photobloggers there and cameras flashed all over, all night. Once Bruno and some others send over their snaps, I'll be sure to post them. Bruno's birthday was a crazy time with crazy folks and it most def deserves more than one post.

Hope you had a good one, Bruno!
International Hand Sign for 'Bruno'

The whole set can be found here