Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Sun Shines the Way It Should

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Today, being as lovely as it was, called me out of my basement hovel and into the great outdoors. Yes, I went on my official run of 2006. It was a short hop from 20th Street, down through the East River Park, to the Williamsburg Bridge and back. It was still a good run, a solid four miles. This is progress, considering that just months ago I thought I would never be able to run at the clip that I used to. But after a winter full of yoga, Pilates and dance class, I seem to have built up some strength. Yay for progress.

I still got work done on my projects...and then took a nap. I really need to stop with the afternoon naps.

A few links:

The Onion has a great piece about a guy who uses a quasi-fake slipped disc as an excuse to get out of almost everything.

The boyfriend of a friend of mine wrote a song for a Japanese duo. It's really cute and has a video. I totally want to be in a Japanese pop video. Le sigh...

You've been warned: Some French Freis are fattier in the U.S. than anywhere. This is why I always pack a sandwich.

Can we please stop perpetuating the myth that Katie Holmes is pregnant?
If we don't ignore them, then the Scientologists win.