Thursday, April 13, 2006

Eye on the Prize

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As much as I hate to be one of those people who laments about how busy she is, I have become just that. Just when I thought it was smooth sailing until I left with Le Doug on vacation, I now have three very important projects to finish. One is quite lucrative (mo' money!), one will keep up my professional credibility and the other I am sure will yield many clips and help out a favorite editor. Le sigh....

And on top of it all, I'm really hungry right now.

I actually made it to yoga at noon today, which was a treat since I am usually a million other places at noon rather than at the mat. It was so gorgeous out I thought I would run, but I needed something to counter my tight muscles from yesterday's run. So I went to yoga.

Strangely, this midday class was packed, and packed with people who could do things like headstands with complete ease. Me, I just wanted to work some kinks out of my back, or maybe find some enlightenment while hanging upside down.

The thing about midday yoga is that it relaxes me too much. If Seinfeld were still on I think they could do an episode about how yoga in the middle of the day can actually make you lethargic. That post-yoga high we all try so hard to keep is actually counterproductive at times when you really need to get things done, like write or do research or return phone calls.

So basically, all I did this afternoon was read an article about sex in Redbook magazine, of all places, and read more of The Ballad of Whiskey Robber.

And I wonder why I'm getting nothing done. Damn Downward Facing Dog.