Friday, April 28, 2006

Sidecar, the Orange Stray

Sidecar Vamps

Today is not my day. First I couldn't find a decent cup of coffee while I was down in SoHo, checking out iBooks at the Apple store. I'm getting the 14 incher next week, but I wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. It is. However, finding a decent cup of coffee, not to mention a croissant, was a little harder to come by. The tourists (feh) were in full force on Prince and Broadway and I couldn't get a table, or even a spot at the counter, at both Cafe Gitane and Balthazar. Since when are there no tables for nice gals on a Friday afternoon?

I just tried to upload more of my Paris photos, and my camera battery ran out. Naturally, I don't have the charger with me. Alas, you will have to wait a day to see more of them.

I did get a few in of Sidecar, the little orange stray tabby that wanders in Le Doug's yard. I think he's grand, but since he is not a Himalayan, I am not allowed to get too friendly with him.

But he's really cute.

Sniffing a branch
Sniffing a branch

On Alert
Sidecar, the Stray Cat

What a Face
Sidecar Marks His Spot

More of Sidecar here.