Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Afternoon in NoLita

Uploading my digi pics form Paris is taking longer than I thought it would, being that I was not given the CD for the software when the camera was handed over to me. But I'm sure that will all be smoothed out soon.

In the meantime, I woke up strangely refreshed today at 8:00 AM. I showered and headed down to NoLita for a manicure, among other things. I went to Decca Nails on Spring Street, which has a great window for people watching but sadly, the snottiest manicurists in town. I asked that they keep the front door open because it was no less than 90 degrees in the shop. They left it open, but once I got up to sit under the dryer, the manicurist slammed it shut. I was so mad that I had already tipped her. Then she came over to me and gave me my requisite post-manicure back rub, but I assure you it was sub-par and the gal next to me got a longer one. Whatever happened to customer service?

Nevertheless, my nails look great. And that's all that matters.

So, yeah, NoLita. My dream neighborhood. I used to live so close, back in 2002 when I shared a place on Bayard Street off the Bowery. I tried so hard to stay in the 'hood when the landlord gave our place to his son. (A two bedroom! To a 19-year-old?!?) Alas, I ended up in Gramercy which is all fine and safe, but there really is nothing like being within walking distance of Cafe Gitane and several good wine shops. And let's not forget the newsstand on Spring and Lafayette, which is open until all hours and sells foreign magazines of all stripes.

Tomorrow: Snaps from the Pere Lachaise, including the graves of Jim Morrison, Marcel Proust and Edith Piaf, my own personal Allah.