Monday, September 08, 2014

Driver's Test: Passed!

When you've lived in Manhattan for 15 years, the last thing you think about on a daily basis is your driver's license. If you have an out-of-state license -- mine was from California -- and you let it expire for over a year, you have to take the written, classroom and road tests all over again. More fun? You can't take a road test in Manhattan. There are locations in Brooklyn and Queens, but those appointments are always taken.

I managed to get a road test in White Plains. I still had to take lessons through a driving school and use their car for the test. Another fun fact: you can't rent a car to take a driver's test, at least not in New York state. All this takes time and money, so it's best to pass it on the first try.

Which I did, despite my horrible parallel parking. (I quite literally learned how to on Saturday.) Now I tell anyone who will listen: never let your out-of-state license expire in New York. Consider me cautionary tale.

The next batch of fun = a motorcycle license. I've never really loved driving, but I love bikes and I loved the motorcycle intro class I took back in June. If I can pass a motorcycle road test by the end of the fall, I will truly have arrived.