Monday, May 26, 2014

Take A Hike

It's important to get out of the city, if for no other reason than to clear your head. This weekend I took a quick hop up to Harriman State Park with Discover Outdoors. It was a moderate hike with lots of rock scrambling and really great people. I'm hoping to get into one of their Catskills trips very soon. Ultimately I would like to try the infamous Devil's Path, but I'll start with a few less treacherous routes first.

Of course, during the last half hour the sky cracked open and we were hit with a deluge of rain, all during our last rock scramble. But, in one of the greatest acts of foresight I've ever had, I had actually packed a change of clothes for exactly this reason. In all the hikes I've done, I've never done that before, but since there was a chance of rain, I tossed dry clothes, including socks into my backpack. Best. Decision. Ever. I wasn't shivering like a wet dog on the way home. A day in the woods did wonders for my writing, since I'm trying to wrap up a book proposal over the next week.

Speaking of writing, this is totally worth checking out: Jami Attenberg's piece about love letters in the digital age.

In This Digital Age, Where Have All the Love Letters Gone?