Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two New Pieces On LearnVest

LearnVest is one of my favorite writing gigs to date. It's personal finance advice for women that's practical and straightforward.

When I tell people I write for them I am often taken by how quickly others open up about their financial situation. Married mothers admit to having no savings. Single people who want to buy an apartment feel they couldn't afford a mortgage and their student loan payment. 20-somethings right out of school think everyone is doing better than them. (I remind them that the girls who shop freely in their 20s either still have daddy's credit card or are living way beyond their means.)

Etiquette dictates that it is tacky to talk about money, but on a lot of levels I disagree. At the risk of sounding like a Women's Studies professor, there is a lot of knowledge in the collective, and airing grievances and problems is the first step in finding a solution. So I'm glad LearnVest exists. (And it was started by a woman.)

Today they ran two of my pieces.

My personal favorite
8 Signs You Might Not Want To Take the Job

Taming the student loan beast
How To Save For Retirement When You Have Student Loans