Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Following Through On All Your Genius, Creative Projects

Marie Forleo's videos are becoming regular Tuesday features over here, because they are great. Today she tackles a really big issue with people who like to create: how to follow through on all your projects.

As a writer -- and one who likes all things digital -- I get lots of ideas for websites, novels, etc. Following through on those initial warm and fuzzy feelings is hard. Wedding Nugget, which is part of a few affiliate programs to monetize it, actually has an editorial calendar, otherwise no one will ever come back, people won't want to be Vendor of the Week, etc. But other projects, such as a chick lit novel I've been noodling away at for a year, is still unfinished.

Ms. Forleo has some great tips for getting things done, such as making commitments to yourself and not taking on too much at once.