Sunday, June 16, 2013

She Adored New York City....

Woody Allen Manhattan

A few weeks ago while at that wedding in Utica, I went on a bit of diatribe about how I could never live on the Upper West Side, because out of every neighborhood in Manhattan, it had the least amount of edge. And this was coming from a gal who lives in Murray Hill.

A friend rolled her eyes and said, "Who are you? You're like something out of a Woody Allen movie."

Perhaps. I've lived in Manhattan proper long enough to have legitimate opinions about the place. So today, I was thrilled to find this playlist of musical selections from Woody Allen films. It includes "Rhapsody in Blue," the music that plays during the opening scene of Manhattan. I know it is cliche to live in New York and say you love Woody Allen films, but few people capture the mundane details of the city like he does. (And everyone has a Woody Allen sighting.)

If anyone wonders what it's like to have spent the past 14 years in this town, which is long enough to have still used subways tokens and known when neighborhoods still had some grit, this perfectly sums it up.

"Manhattan" - Opening Scene from ajr on Vimeo.